HolyQest - FAQ


What is FAQ?

FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Questions.

What does MUD stand for?

MUD stands for Multiple User Dungeon. Muds where originally called adventure games. Muds have changed dramatically since the first one was created and a mud can be literally anything the creator of the Mud wants it to be. Many Muds are based on high fantasy, i.e. wizards, dragons, elves, gnomes, etc. HolyQuest is a historical Mud based on the life and times of King David and the Israelites. There are no wizards, dragons, or dungeons in HolyQuest.

Why can't I play an elf, gnome, or wizard

Because there were not any elves, gnomes, or wizards that were Israelites. There were plenty of humans and warriors.

Where can I find food and water?

Explore! Food and water can be purchased in shops.

Why can't I open this door?

Is it locked? Find the key!

Ok, I killed a guard and got very little gold or experience, Why?

To discourage players from killing the guards. If you keep killing the guards, you will not be well received in the towns and cities.