HolyQest - Rules


These are the rules of HolyQuest

When in doubt, don't do it.

Family oriented game

Please keep this in mind as you play. Anything said on any channel (say, gossip, emote, etc) must be moderated with this in mind. If you don't understand what this means, don't play.


Character names are restricted. You may look here www.kabalarians.com/male/hebrew-m.htm for male names and here www.kabalarians.com/female/hebrew-f.htm for female names.

Player Stealing

Not allowed, don't even think about it.

Player Killing

Really now, don't think so.

One character

Play only one character at a time. Do not assist one of your characters with another of your characters.

Fun and Fairness

Do not break the rules. Do not do ANYTHING that spoils another player's FUN or sense of fair play.


Do not abuse another player in anyway. No abusive language, no foul language, no inappropriate language. No abusive actions, no foul actions, no inappropriate actions.


Do not harass another player in anyway. No harassing language. No harassing actions.


Your presence in HolyQuest constitutes your agreement to the rules of HolyQuest. Your privacy while playing HolyQuest is respected, but it is not a right.