HolyQest - Glossary


ac armor class, measurement of the protective value provided by armor
afk away from keyboard
aggro any npc that attacks on sight
bing see ding
boot to get disconnected from HolyQuest
bp breast plate
bug A glitch or problem in the programming which causes the game to behave erratically.
channel various ways of communicating, like ouch, shout, tell
con consider, to determine the chance of defeating a mob
cya see you as in see you later
ding An exclamation informing friends you have gained a level
doh! [From "The Simpsons"] Noise made immediately after doing something exceedingly stupid. 
dmg damage
ep experience, xp, exp
exp experience, ep, xp
exploit An unintended consequence of game mechanics or outright bug which allows a player to gain an unfair advantage if used.
fyi for your information
hp hit points
ic in character
imho in my humble opinion
jk just kidding
lag Increased latency resulting in slower overall game response
ld link dead, to loose your connection to HolyQuest
level a measure of player accomplishment
link dead see ld
log to log off from HolyQuest
lol laughing out loud
loot objects found on mobs
lvl level
mob mobile, non-player characters, npc
mp movement points
mud multi-user dimension, a game usually played over the internet
newbie the most sought after player, one whom is new to HolyQuest
np no problem
npc non-player character, mob, mobile
omw on my way
ooc out of character
pc player character
powergamer A player who seeks to advance in levels as quickly as possible, to the exclusion of almost every other game consideration. Often (but not always) uses questionable methods to achieve this goal.
rl real life
rofl rolling on the floor laughing
role-player A player that tries to speak and act in character at all times. Usually has great dislike for out of context chat and power gamers.
solo to go one-on-one against an NPC
xp experience, ep, exp