HolyQuest - Getting Started

Playing the Game

There are 4 aspects of gameplay in HolyQuest

1) Exploring
2) Leveling
3) Roleplaying
4) Socializing

The are numerous overlaps between these aspects of gameplay, they are not cut and dry divisions. They following is a simple introduction to each of these gameplay aspects. You will probably find that you enjoy one or two of these aspects more than the others.


You start the game in a room which is connected to other rooms. A rooms is a place like a stable, street, field, cave, etc. There is no map in the game, it is your responsibility to explore and map the world by moving from room to room. As you explore, you will encounter NPCs, Non Player Characters, which are controlled by the game. Some NPCs will attack you on sight, so it is best to combine exploring and leveling. Exploring also gives you some experience points for each new room you enter. Some NPCs will provide you with clues about when to go and what to do. Exploring also refers to mastering the game commands, talking to NPCs, and many other activities you will discover. There is no manual for HolyQuest, it is a learn by doing game. Read the help and figure it out for yourself.


Some of the NPCs you discover as you explore are there for you to fight. Upon vanquishing the NPC you will receive experience points and most likely some loot. Experience points accumulate and eventually you will gain a level. You start the game at level 1 and continue to gain levels as you continue to fight NPCs and gain experience. The loot you receive can usually be sold at a shop for money. When you have accumulated enough money you can buy some armor and a weapon and then take on stronger foes. Soon you will have more money and buy a better weapon and upgrade your armor.


HolyQuest is a game of pretend. Children will play pretend games like school, cops and robbers, cowboys and indians, and many other games which require few props and a fertile imagination. In the game of HolyQuest you are pretending to be a warrior and fighting for King David in order to bring peace and prosperity to the kingdom of Israel. You should always play the game in character (IC). IC means consistently portraying the personality of the character you have chosen to play. You are pretending to be a warrior in Israel, so you should be able to describe what your character appearance, birthplace, age, habits, things liked, things disliked, father, mother, brothers, sisters, etc WITHIN the context of HolyQuest. The more time you spend making up these facts about your character, the more interesting your character becomes to other players.


Exploring and Leveling can be fun to do by yourself, but for many players it is Socializing that adds significantly to the fun. After all, if you take down the King of the Thieves, don't you want tell someone? Or maybe you need some help with that Philistine guard, then get a group together and lead a raid on the Philistine camp. There is also opportunity of Out of Character, OOC, chatter with other players, some of whom might even be in another county. OOC is only appropriate on the 'chat' channel.